With decades of experience, Greymount is a team of property professionals offering tailored high-quality services for private and institutional clients, along with their professional teams.


To help create positive, enduring impact in the environments we serve.


To provide the best property services at a fair price, and to create a great firm that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.

Our Values

Adhere to the highest professional standards.

Prioritize client interests over our firm's.

Safeguard client confidences.

Manage client and company resources cost-effectively.

Introduce innovative management practices in environments we serve.

Foster enduring relationships built on trust.

Embrace diverse perspectives with curiosity and respect.

Maintain a high level of internal financial control and safeguard the liquidity of both our clients and the firm.

Founder's Bio

Jacob Lorek


Jacob is an experienced operator in the full spectrum of the property life cycle. He successfully managed nearly a hundred contracts and completed several property investments of various sizes. His experience from the strategic consulting sector allows him to bring innovative practices and processes from other industries into the property environment.

Jacob is personally responsible for overseeing all our projects, and his involvement guarantees timely and successful delivery. He built his early portfolio reinstating contracts that have fallen out of sequence and advising end-users on the best course of actions.

This unique skill set helps us ascertain and troubleshoot potential issues in our builds, development joint ventures, and advisory deals.


"Their project teams, which only ever comprise highly skilled, experienced tradespeople and project managers, are able to contend with all manner of challenges and complexities and do so effortlessly and without a modicum of fuss."

S. Lear

CEO, Frasers Property

“Greymount has been an indispensable asset to us in sourcing, building, maintaining, and managing our portfolio across the UK.”

N. Morley

CEO, Secure Funding

“As a contractor, Jacob was attentive, knowledgeable with a great eye for detail. He manages a successful and profitable company whilst also providing a very fair and competitively priced service. A great combination.”


CEO, Neos Creative

“We have had countless encounters and managed to work together on few occasions and Greymount’s Team is always punctual, prepared, professional and carries themselves in a polite and respectable manner.”


CEO, Chelsminster Estates Ltd

"We can advise that Greymount provided highly professional services ranging from major structural works through to detailed quality finishes. Their attitude and knowledge were exemplary, ensuring that these complex projects were completed to program and budget.”


CEO, Alexander James International

"Over the course of the past decade, Greymount have continuously delivered dozens of high quality homes, on time and within the budget. Their work ethic, honesty, and hard work are commendable.”

A. Goldreich

CEO, Tamart Design